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Beard Czar is a company that offers products you can use for beard care. Beard is one of the most ignored parts of our body. We do not take care of it and you might not know but it adds an X factor to our personality. I was going through a survey where it was asked what a girl likes most in a man and the answer was a beard.

Yeah, you got that right. It’s about time you didn’t ignore the needs of your facial hair because they add allure to your face as you all know, a male with a beard is a real man because those who do not have beards are boys.

I actually used the product because my beard wasn’t growing as much as it used to and whatever hair I had on my face, they were gray. Beard Czar was referred to me by a friend and I decided to try it.

What is Beard Czar?

Beard is not necessary just because it looks macho. Though beard looks macho but there are other reasons as well. It is a lifestyle for some people and they can go to lengths for taking care of it.

This is a supplement that comes in the form of pills. The supplement contains vitamins and minerals essential for hair growth. It contains products like biotin, vitamin A, B and Niacin and these are the few I gathered from the website. They have added a lot of ingredients that can stop beard dandruff and other related problems.

The product contains other ingredients to improve the quality of hair of your beard. After using this product, you will feel that your beard is increasing at a greater pace and the hair is not gray anymore. You will look like the man you are because that’s what beard does to the face. It makes you look smart, mature and interesting.

How do Beard Czar works?

This is the flagship product sold at only the official website which I’ll [roviode you the link to. The product is priced at $90 for 30 capsules. I know the price is a little on the heavier side but 90 dollars doesn’t matter because that money is going to give you personality.

Beard Czar uses ingredients like vitamin A, C, and E. It also contains ingredients like Niacin, B vitamins, and Biotin. You will get necessary vitamins from the supplement and your body can utilize them however it wants. So, this product is not only taking care of your beard but it is also taking care of your whole body that needs vitamins.

Yeah, I also thought why do I need coffee bean extract in my supplement and was amazed that it works more like a diet pill. For example, Coleus forskolin is used in diet supplement to provide fiber but here it is, working efficiently in a hair growth supplement.

Not only the presence of coffee bean extract is appalling but it also contains garcinia Cambogia. Everybody knows what garcinia is famous for. For those who doesn’t, GC is a fruit used in weight loss supplements it has been added to the product to increase metabolism and ensures smooth functioning of the body.

Ingredients used in Beard Czar:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is responsible for keeping the hair healthy. The presence of this vitamin in the pill will ensure the hair of your beard doesn’t become brittle and fall.

Vitamin C

Free radicals are very much responsible for graying hair and hair loss as well. Vitamin C counters the effects of free radicals and prevents beard hair from graying.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that increases blood flow and promotes the growth of hair. It also promotes healthy skin because a healthy skin can grow healthy hair.

B vitamins

Other B-vitamins help creates red blood cells, which carry oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles. These processes are important for hair growth.

Advantages of using Beard Czar:

1. Get a thick beard

Like hair on our scalp, we need hair on our face to be thick. Thin hair is brittle and is more vulnerable to breakage. Uneven hair in the beard doesn’t look attractive at all. The product will make the beard hair thick and thus will give an impressive look to your beard.

2. Reduces graying

Graying beard doesn’t only happen to those who are of old age. It happens to the young people as well. I mean I was 32 and I had silver hair all over my face. That’s embarrassing because you start looking older than you actually are.

This product reduced graying to almost 100% and now I get the black beard I used to get. I mean you’ll get the original color of your beard only after a few days if its use. In my case, it was 20 days.

3. Prevents beard itch

Beard itch can happen due to a lot of reasons. One being dandruff and there are other reasons as well. Dandruff in the beard is not a pretty sight and it just looks heinous. The product will decrease dandruff to almost minimum and you will not have to scratch your beard.

It also gives a shine to the beard and it is bound to do so because of all the essential vitamins and minerals added to it. The product will give your beard a shine. In no time you will look like a man rather than a boy. You will be able top rock that full beard look with shining and thick hair.

Buy the product here:

You do not have to go anywhere because I have attached an image with my review. You just have to click on the image and you will reach to the company’s website. You will just have to fill up a form there and you will be good to go. After paying $90 for a month’s supply, the company will deliver the product to you within 4-5 business days.

If you do not want to invest that kind of money, you can apply for a trial offer. The trail pack will be a month’s supply which you can use for about 12 days. You can pay for it once you are sure the product won’t have any side-effects on your body.
But, if you still have doubts and do not like the product, you will have to return it within 14-days of delivery. If you fail to do so, the amount will be auto deducted from your account.

My take on Beard Czar:

I am quite impressed with the product. I told you I had gray hair and the growth was also not impressive. I mean if would shave today, I won’t even have a hint of stubble on my face for the next 4 days and that says something. Earlier I used to have a 5’o clock shadow but then it suddenly stopped. I thought there might be a problem and then I realized I wasn’t eating properly and thus vitamins in my body were imbalanced.

This product looked promising and thus I used it. Beard Czar is not just a product that makes fake claims because it can actually work wonders for your facial hair. After almost a month use, I had my beard back and my 5’O clock shadow was back. You can use the product if you are facing any problem regarding your beard and this product will surely help.

The company also provides other products like facial oil and stuff like that you can use to take good care of something that adds personality.


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